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Bermar International

Wine by Glass Dispensing and Preservation Solutions

Bermar Intl., is the inventor and producer of the brand Le Verre de Vin Wine by the Glass solutions used globally in thousands of installations at hotels, entertainment venues, Michelin star restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. It’s line includes various options of system installations, allowing the venue to serve maximum numbers of wines and champagnes by the glass and lowest installation costs.

Le Verre de Vin systems have a unique mechanism in Hilknightly bar installations to add-on wine by glass to the bar successfully for enhanced guest experience.

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Climadiff SA

Wine Service and Ageing Cabinets

Climadiff is the European Wine Cellars, Cabinets, and Dispensing Systems manufacturer for wine ageing and service. The range of wine equipment is extensive serving from 6 bottles to 300 or higher through custom structure design.

Most stock are readily available with shortest lead times. Hilknightly uses Climadiff in specialized wine serving environments underbar where humidity, temperature, vibration and light needs to be controlled in order to preserve and age wine as they are meant to be.

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Caveduke SL

Premium Wine Ageing and Preservation Cabinets

Caveduke manufactures premium and designer cabinets for traditional and modern wine storage solutions fit to ornament professional wine and cigar serving restaurants and bars. The cabinets are refrigerated with perfect temperature, light, and vibrations controls made using highest quality of wood, stains, and refrigeration system.

A Caveduke specialization is custom metal and wooden cabinets designed as per architectural design to fit into the venue’s theme. These cabinets are suggested for restaurants looking for plush and premium feel and where wine service is taken much more than serious, instead, as a religion.

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